About Herba Plus Norway

Herba Plus Norway has developed a Norwegian herbal medical concept with roots in oriental medicine. These herbal preparations have gained wide recognition in the therapeutic environment. Norwegian-produced herbal preparations from Herba Plus are the foundation in both the cleaning process, basic nutrition and the further treatment. The formulations are specially designed for the targeted treatment of the cause of illness.

There have been prepared treatment programs to implement appropriate measures to address the current problems. Herba Plus has comprehensive courses and training activities in herbal medicine, pathology and natural medical diagnostic methods such as facial diagnosis, Chinese tongue diagnosis and iris diagnosis.

All preparations from Herba Plus is subject to strict controls and prescriptions based on over 30 years of experience and available research evidence. You as a therapist is to be assured that preparations work as described and that they provide a maximum effect, and that they maintain a stable high quality. The formulations are used by both doctors and natural therapists in Norway and other countries.

We sell our products exclusively to therapist’s and doctors for use in their treatment.

Our english product page can be found here.

If you should wish to explore the possibility of having the products available in your own country, for example as an importer, contact us at: firmapost@herbaplus.no.

 You can also contact us on telephone: +47 62 34 41 44.